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Dec 23, 2008

Merry Xmas from Handsome Donkey

by Handsome Donkey

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Dec 9, 2008

This year’s Dick-In-A-Box?

Very interesting that NBC isn’t pulling down their SNL clips from YouTube right away. Maybe they have finally realized that viral works to drive traffic to the actual show (well at least to the DVR).

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Dec 4, 2008

Star Studded

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Nov 15, 2008

Literal Vids

I just got turned on (thx señor cohen) to this great trend of dubbing classic videos with a literal narrative of the wacky videos. Just YouTube “literal video” for more.

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Sep 27, 2008

XXX ‘toonmash

Just what the world needs… a new kind of mashup. Pretty damn funny.

Nice find p.trick

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Sep 22, 2008

Getcher Relaxating On

Am I really 2 months late on this promo for Gentlemen Broncos??

Site (check out the audio book excerpt of Cyborg Harpies)

Nyce Derbs

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Sep 1, 2008

Whisssle tips

Cuz it has prolly been a couple years since you cooked yer brefast fer somebody.

I think I saw Bubb Rubb on a commercial for EA’s NCAA Football.

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Jul 28, 2008

Journey, At the Center of the Earth

Nice one DC.

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Jul 25, 2008

100% Snake Oil


The NRDC is running this add in the Washington Post. Pretty funny. How about a Daniel Plainview version? The full pdf is on their site.

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Jul 23, 2008

Dr. Horrible Takes Over the World (Wide Web)

Dr. Horrible

As the story goes, Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy & Firefly) was out walking the WGA picket lines when inspiration struck him. He would make a musical web series about a villain trying to take over the world and impress the girl (haven’t we all felt that way). Well he made it and it is truly wonderful. So good that apparently it crashed its servers within moments of being posted. But you can see it now on itunes (if you can’t find it other *wink* places)… and see it you should!

Can’t we all just sing-along?

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Jul 21, 2008



You know, those wiseguys that make a funny face or lewd gesture in the back of a posed photo. Here is a hilarious gallery of them.

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Sorry I Missed Your Party


Great blog of strange flickr party pics and pretty funny commentary.

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Jul 19, 2008

PsD = Photoshop Disasters


PsD loves to make fun of botched head replacements, shoddy reflections, oddly sized appendages, horrible movie poster, and girls without nipples – but my favorites are the images that just have extra body parts just hanging out – like this rather lonely hand.

Another fave – Kinda makes you think you could do it better yourself, huh?

Great site – mediocre writing.

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Jul 18, 2008

Peanuts by Bukowski

Just happens I’ve been reading a bit of Bukowski lately. This made me chuckle.

When I was about halfway through the bottle, Schroeder came by and leaned with me. We sat there for a few minutes, not talking. I gave him a pull from the bottle. We passed it back and forth and watched the morning together.
“You’re a piece of work, Charlie Branaski,” Schroeder said.
“How do you mean?”
“Well, it’s always the same with you. You try to fly your kite, you play baseball, you drink all night and you’re lousy at all of it.”
I thought about it and took another swallow. “I guess someone needs to be lousy at everything. Otherwise you’d get no perspective.”
Schroeder laughed and sucked at the bottle. “I guess you’re right. I guess we need you after all.”
“We won’t be eight years old forever, you know. Good grief, these are the best years we’ve got.”
We went on drinking, celebrating the day. In a little while I’d go out again, try to fly that kite. Try to strike out the other team. Just keep trying, that’s all I can do.


Patty barged her way into the apartment. Charlie shut the door behind her and they sat down on a couple of chairs in the living room.
“Got anything to drink? I’m dying of thirst here, Chuck.”
“I’ve got whiskey.”
“Sure, Chuck. Whatever you’re drinking.”
Charlie poured a couple of tall drinks of whiskey. Patty knocked hers back in a single, prolonged swallow. “Jesus, but that hits the spot! You got any beer, Chuck? Nothing like a good cold beer. God o mighty, I’m thirsty!”
Charlie had some beer in the icebox. Patty pulled one out and started sucking at it. They went ahead and drank, it was as good a night as any. She was a real piece of work, all right. Everyone said she made it with the ladies, but Charlie didn’t care. She had this one dyke piece down at the factory named Marcie. Marcie and Charlie didn’t get along okay because Patty was sweet on Charlie as well.
Pretty soon Patty was drunk, and she was letting Charlie know she wanted it. “Look here, Chuck, I know you want to give me that thing.”
“Listen, Patty. It’s getting pretty late. I’ve got too much work to do.”
“Work! Work! You’re real dull, Chuck! Let’s screw!”
“Sorry, babe, but tonight’s not the best. Listen, I’m sick. I think you’d better go.”
Charlie stood up and went to the door and opened it.
“You’re an asshole, Chuck,” she said.

That’s about the best of it – but hey, here’s the rest.

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Jul 16, 2008

Anyone really like to bake?


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Jul 11, 2008

Websites down yo…

Only one VotW this W. Nicely embedded in their own page as well.

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Jun 30, 2008

Luke’s Dope Show


I know I have been pushing The Wackness a lot a lot – but here is more. The film finally drops in limited release in NY and LA on Thursday. Hopefully it will hit Seattle not long after. I should also mention that it just won the Audience Award at the LA Film Fest (with other top honors going to personal faves Man on Wire and Anvil).

So for some pure marketing and publicity gold, Sony has whipped up some awesome web shorts under the auspices of the main character starting a cable access show dubbed Luke’s Dope Show in his basement. They’re great. Check em out after the jump.

See the vids

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Jun 26, 2008

Italian Spiderman – 6 eps deep


We are 6 episodes into Italian Spiderman and the action is really heating up! This series has got to be one of my favorite web shorts ever done. It has lore, style, effects, and amazing dubbing. On top of all that it is frickin hilarious. Check out the Wiki for the whole story on the production. It is, of course, all available on YouTube, or just follow the jump below for the first 6 eps posted here (episode 3 is my fave).

Watch Italian Spiderman pussycat, pronto!

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Jun 20, 2008

Look Around You – Maths and more

This British series is really one of the funniest I have seen in quite some time. The first season, made up of eight 10-minute shorts, is especially amazing. I have only watched one episode from the second season, (six 30 minute episodes) which changed up the format considerably and doesn’t seem quite as immediately ridiculous. Thanks to teh intarweb gawds as they seem to pretty much all be avail on my youtubes. More info on tehWiki. (I [heart] Imhotep and Lord Scotland!!)

More embedded for you browsing pleasure…

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WVotW – it’s been 8 weeks edition

Friday funny is back! Here are a few things I have laughed at over the last 8 weeks. Some are too funny to throw in the mix but I’ll try to get through all this as quick as pie!

Watch som mutha fukin mo’!! (click for more WVotWs)

Posted by enderzero at 2:33pm on Jun. 20, 2008