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Mar 17, 2008

Black is the New President, Bitch!

I’ve been spreadin the love over SNL since they came back from the strike a few weeks back. I’m happy to say that after an off week last week with Amy Adams (maybe not her fault) they were back with guns firing this week with Jonah Hill. I’m definitely not saying that every sketch is a hit – but this is the zeit poppin off and there are some definite winners. Above is the clip from this week’s Weekend Update where Tracy Morgan takes a shot at Tina Fey’s pro Clinton mono from a few weeks back. Booosh.

Here are a few links to this week’s SNL. Check out the DigiShort and my other fave this week, the Country Music Commercial – Rocket Ships, Model-T Cars, Toddlers, and Jars of Beer.

…Notice that last one wasn’t a link. That is because NBC has been on the DMCA takedown warpath – pulling all their clips from YouTube. WTF!? Sure they might be losing some ad dollars from their site – but they don’t seem to be getting the fact that it is allowing people like me to email these clips around that gets twice as many people to tune in NEXT WEEK. The buzz around SNL 3 weeks ago (after Huckabee) was nutty – the next week they KILLED it with Clinton. But not allowing their clips online and not putting all the clips on their site is just backwards backwater bullshit thinking. Booooo.

Posted by enderzero at 8:13pm on Mar. 17, 2008