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May 9, 2011

Google WebGL Globe

(Globe moved to after the jump for performance reasons)

Check out Google’s awesome new 3D globe chart. The project is part of an open API that you could potentially use to show any sort of world data. Lovin it.

Thx to Alex for the link. You gotta check out his new blog.

See the full working Globe after the jump

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Mar 16, 2011

Very Cool Film Art by Justin Van Genderen

Really digging this art by Justin Van Genderen. Other faves include his Metropolis poster, and Cosmonaut series.

Check out his Imagekind gallery and a lot more on his site and flickr.

thx Grant

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Jan 19, 2010

The Auteurs’ Movie Posters of the Decade

Film site TheAuteurs has posted their Top Movie Posters of the Decade and I gotta say I agree with a lot of the choices. Certainly the Funny Games and The Girlfriend Experience posters are two of my all time faves (The Bank Job was in the also-ran).

Check it out

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Jul 16, 2008

GLOW – All night on the Beach


This Saturday in Santa Monica there is an all night art festival. From the Site:

Glow will fill the hours between dusk to dawn with compelling, enchanting and effervescent sights and sounds situated in spaces and times that expand possibilities for where, how and when the public experiences contemporary art.

With the historic Santa Monica Pier and adjacent world-famous Santa Monica Beach as their space, artists were commissioned to create unique and inviting works of art that welcome the public to be both audience and actor for twelve celebratory hours. Inspired by the wildly successful Nuit Blanche in Paris, Glow takes its spirit from the fabled grunion that live in local waters and come ashore several times a year to spawn in the sand creating a momentary sensation of iridescence.

Sounds like something worth supporting to me and it could be a hell of a lot of fun to chill on the beach into the wee morning hours.

Anyone into it?

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Apr 10, 2008

It’s nearly time…

Nearly Clock

Laurence Willmott from InsightOutsight has designed the perfect clock for those who deal in approximations.

“Nearly Four”
“Quarter Past Two”
“Half Gone Nine”


Good find ADK.

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Feb 25, 2008

Binary Solo

the robot

This has been a really long time coming. Thank you for your patience.

This site is built on WordPress, a great free piece of software for highly customizable blogs. I hope to use the site as a homepage, a weblog, a place to share all the funny shit we find on the web, etc. The site is all designed from scratch in fireworks and written by hand in css (thx to the early assist from che – w00t!). I have tried to do as much cross browser testing as possible, but things are bound to slip through. If you see any weird behavior or graphical glitches pls email them to me.

Explore the site (tho there’s not much yet). You can leave comments for any post. The forum is still up and running. I hope to do to a big update over there too someday soon.

Thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of the site.


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