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Mar 28, 2008

Metroid 2 Remake


The Metroid series of Nintendo games is one of the most successful and very best platform video games ever. Nintendo has succeeded at remaking the games on most of its systems, capturing the fantastic elements of action, exploration, and progression, all the while improving with age. A few years back they released a remake of the NES version called Zero Mission which took the original and added modern gameplay features. Well one ambitious Argentine has decided to make his own “Zero Mission” version of the 2nd Metroid, until now only available for the Gameboy.

When I contemplated the idea of a remake, I did the most obvious research first: Play the original again. I have to recognize, I kinda cheated. I played it on a Super GameBoy cartridge, instead of the original GameBoy. Most of the atmosphere and desperation was lost because of playing in a comfortable TV, just because batteries are really expensive here in Argentina.

His blog is a fascinating document of the process. He isn’t finished yet, but be sure I’ll be all over it when he does.

For a full chronology of the Metroid series, see the videos in this thread.

Good lookin out Kevin.


Posted by enderzero at 10:58pm on Mar. 28, 2008