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Apr 22, 2013

Found Media


While doing some cleaning up of old boxes of media, I found a few piles of disks and discs worth documenting here for posterity’s sake before sending them to the city media recycler.

Check out the full images after the break (click for larger). If you can see the product ids, you can have em.

Check out the shareware disc Absolute Mahem with such awesome DOS titles as:

Doom- Knee Deep In The Dead
Corridor 7- Special Edition
Depth Dwellers- The Quest
Terminator Rampage- Special Edition
Shadowcaster- Special Edition
Catacomb Abyss
Nightmare 3-D
Raptor- Call Of The Shadows
Blake Stone- Aliens Of Gold
Wolfenstein 3-D
Spear Of Destiny.

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Jul 10, 2008

SB Ablaze


The hills behind Santa Barbara and Goleta are on fire and evacuations have come down over the last week for the hills very near where I used to live. But things seem to be looking better.

The fires have lead to some pretty spectacular photos – such as this one, posted on a NASA astronomy site.

Explanation: On July 5th, wandering planets, bright stars, and a young crescent Moon graced western skies after sunset. Arrayed along the solar system’s ecliptic plane, the three celestial beacons forming this skyscape’s eye-catching line-up with the Moon are Saturn (upper left), then Mars, and finally Regulus, alpha star of the constellation Leo. Of course planet Earth itself lies in the foreground, a scene dominated by the city lights of Santa Barbara, California. The smoky haze hanging over the city is from threatening wild fires still burning along the hill at the right. On Thursday evening, Saturn and Mars can be seen in a much closer pairing or conjunction, separated by only about 3/4 degree on the sky.

A few more photos here.
Photo credit: Dmitrii Zagorodnov – (Thx Peter)

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Apr 1, 2008

Reports of SARS Outbreak in France

File photo
(file photo)

From the AP:

PARIS – French health officials announced today that fourteen cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (commonly known as SARS) have been reported this week in outlying areas of Paris. Officials deny rumors that an outbreak similar to that seen in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia in the 2003 is imminent. However, sources close to the ministry of health report that travel restrictions could be in place by the end of the week. While no restrictions are official, the World Health Organization is advising unnecessary travel to Paris should be avoided.

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Mar 22, 2008

These vids aren’t funny – and it isn’t Friday

A day late.

But this thing is pretty damn cool.

Couple more cool vids

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Mar 21, 2008

Bring it on, 5-year olds!


Lucky number 26! You think you can do better?

I knew all that Ninjitsu training would come in handy. Cat walk!! (great url btw)

thx Jodi

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