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Jun 22, 2009

Auto Tune the News hits new heights

Micheal Gregory’s Auto Tune the News is so popular it got written up in Time Magazine. This week’s installment is really really really funny. I’m crying.

Thx p.trick

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Jun 20, 2009

Post-It Mania

A very cool animated short.

Good find Mihae.

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Jun 11, 2009

Han Solo, P.I.


domo p.trick

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Jun 4, 2009

Henry Jenkins and the Transmedia Project

Feed yer brain. Henry Jenkins is the co-dir of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program and leader in field of Transmedia Stroytelling. There is some overlap here with some of the subjects touched on by Clay Shirky in his book Here Comes Everybody. I find myself fascinated by books and media that explore this forefront of the changing media and information landscape. Let me know if you have read/seen/x-casted anything lately that addresses this sort of thing.

Good find Seth.

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Apr 29, 2009

The Tarantino Mixtape – by Eclectic Method

Wow – an extremely cool mashup of Tarantino flicks. Fantastic editing of music, sound and video. Worth watching all the way through (how cool is the drumming around 5′?!).

I haven’t checked out Eclectic Method’s other stuff but I’m gonna have to soon.

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Search and Rescue

I have never seen tilt-shift applied to a video but the effect is f-ing awesome. More about the project here.

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Apr 27, 2009

Birds of Britain

An oldie but a very goodie (from Look Around You season 2).

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Apr 17, 2009


You might remember this French guy Remi from his hialrious Mario Kart stunt. Well he is back at it. Can’t wait to see what is next.

From Kotaku – Thx Jonathan

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Mar 17, 2009

Explaining the Credit Crisis

There has been a slew of media recently explaining the current credit crisis in layman’s terms (if a bit late guys). A few highlights are the This American Life/NPR News episode from a few weeks ago (a follow up to their great Giant Pool of Money show that aired last year – not as late I suppose) and a couple of articles from this month’s Wired.

The video above is a pretty neato visualized explanation from LA designer Jonathan Jarvis that does a nice job of explaining things pretty quickly.

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Feb 5, 2009

7 Year Old on Acid

No, no, according to Deadspin it is just an extra generous dose of NO2 – but man is that funny.

Thx Oliver

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Dec 24, 2008

HD Snowboard Glory

The trailer for new snowboarding flick from Brain Farm, That’s It, That’s All makes the movie look more like Planet Earth than your typical Mack Dawg affair. Judging from the 2nd hardcore trailer on their site, it might just be clever editing. Regardless this flick looks ridiculously sick and the line up of riders is about as good as it gets. Ohh, I hope Santa brings me this bad boy.

Nice spot Oliver.

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Dec 23, 2008

Merry Xmas from Monkey Donkey

One donkey Xmas video deserves another. Hey how bout a sequel guys?

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Merry Xmas from Handsome Donkey

by Handsome Donkey

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Dec 4, 2008

Star Studded

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Nov 20, 2008

YouTube Hero

This video “Bike Hero” was posted yesterday and as of right now it has 580,000 views. Incredible. It deserves it, though. Pretty cool idea and execution.

Whirrdup to p.trick for the spot.

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Nov 15, 2008

Literal Vids

I just got turned on (thx seƱor cohen) to this great trend of dubbing classic videos with a literal narrative of the wacky videos. Just YouTube “literal video” for more.

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Sep 27, 2008

XXX ‘toonmash

Just what the world needs… a new kind of mashup. Pretty damn funny.

Nice find p.trick

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Sep 23, 2008

Rise Up

This is actually the first video I have ever uploaded to YouTube. Jenny Lewis last Weds at Spaceland. She was fantastic and I was CLOSE!!

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Sep 22, 2008

Getcher Relaxating On

Am I really 2 months late on this promo for Gentlemen Broncos??

Site (check out the audio book excerpt of Cyborg Harpies)

Nyce Derbs

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Sep 1, 2008

Whisssle tips

Cuz it has prolly been a couple years since you cooked yer brefast fer somebody.

I think I saw Bubb Rubb on a commercial for EA’s NCAA Football.

Posted by enderzero at 12:49am on Sep. 1, 2008