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Definition of a Hipster

Look At This Fucking Hipster

Ever wonder exactly what a “Hipster” is? Yeah me too. Well Look at the fucking hipster .com (actually – if you spell it out you get some fugly bunny) has the definition in pictures for you – complete with all wonderful snarkiness you’ve come to expect from that sort of site. Enjoy!

Link – Good find

Posted by enderzero at 3:37pm on May. 4, 2009  

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  1. Gayle Smith says:

    Hey like, I only have dial up so can’t wait for your definition. I knew the original HIPSTERS.. Gotta wait to see who they are now …
    but back in THE DAY….long hair, the color of fall leaves, we played in original, half built houses, masked by trailers and trees. Society used Hippy as a negative term…..We yelled out HIPSTER! It was an embracing of many ways around war, consumerism…all the stuff we may have to put aside to survive as a planet………
    OK, Now that I have vented I will wait for your definition.

    May. 6, 2009 at 9:00pm