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Flying through Mountains


Back in Kathmandu as of this morning. Flying in and out of Lukla is really an interesting experience. Sitting toward the front of the plane you are basically in the cockpit. It is pretty damn cool to watch the pilots in action and to look out the front of the plane.

Coming up to Lukla, a tiny runway soon appears, perched on mountainside at 9000ft. The plane descends (only a bit as it cruises around 10,000) and heads straight for the mountain. The runway is sloped up so the force of gravity helps stop the plane on the impossibly short runway. The plane motors up to a little parking lot – everyone jumps out – new passengers jump on, and the plane takes off again – all without stopping the engines. Taking off is just as hair raising because it seems like there is no way the plane can get up enough speed in time. But again the slope works in the plane’s favor and somehow the tiny bird takes flight.

I have lots of photos and videos of the whole crazy procedure. My god I have so many photos!

I am in KTM for a couple days then a few days in India. I get home to LA on Nov. 1.


Posted by enderzero at 3:36am on Oct. 24, 2008