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MyLA – by George Velasco

George’s LA

I’m happy to present a continuation of the MyLA series with this guest post by SoCal native George Velasco. George has since moved on to the cloudier confines of the east coast (currently DC) but has been kind enough to give us his take on the city of angels.

My LA is omelets after midnight at Mel’s diner after a show at The Palace. My LA is fried chicken and waffles at 3am at Roscoe’s. My LA is meeting friends for a Lakers game at Staples Center, sitting in the last row loving every minute of it. My LA is wearing Jordan Farmar’s Laker jersey and not getting made fun of. My LA is ice cream and cookies at Diddy Reese. My LA is drinking Tecate on a friend’s balcony in Los Feliz. My LA is a late night kiss on the Santa Monica Pier . My LA is Saturdays at the Rose Bowl. My LA is UCLA basketball. My LA is short skirts. My LA is smoking cigars while watching the sunset on Venice Beach. My LA is seeing punk rock shows at the Roxy. My LA is the Town House bar in the 90291. My LA is tattoos on Ocean Front Walk. My LA is the guy holding the 99 cent pizza sign on the Venice boardwalk. My LA is the paintings of Brian Mylius. My LA is a can of Colt 45 at Stinkers and a tumbler of Basil Hayden’s at 4100. My LA is a mexican restaurant in Silver Lake. My LA is a rendezvous at the poolside bar at the Roosevelt Hotel. My LA is free parking in Beverly Hills. My LA is shy models at The Coffee Bean. My LA is Dodgerdogs at Dodger Stadium. My LA is t-bone steaks at Norm’s at any hour of the day. My LA is Cabernet Sauvignon with an intriguing stranger. My LA is wearing sunglasses inside a restaurant. My LA is wearing your sweatshirt hood up. My LA is driving a 1980’s convertible down Sunset Blvd while listening to The Doors. My LA is the view from the Getty Center. My LA is USC sorority girls with a sense of humor. My LA is presetting your car stereo to KROQ, KXLU, KLAC, and KCRW. My LA is Henry Waxman. My LA is Larry Flynt. My LA is art. My LA is love. My LA is family. My LA is home. My LA is better looking than Boston.

Posted by enderzero at 10:28pm on Jun. 8, 2009