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MyLA – Part I

Balcony View

MyLA is a feature I’d like to start for the people who call LA home to say a few things about what this town means to them. This can be whatever makes sense to you. What makes it your LA? Please let me know if you’d like contribute your piece to the MyLA project.

My LA is my morning cup of Zen Blend from Nature Mart on my balcony. My LA is a pen, a notepad, and a large drip coffee at Silverlake Coffee or Psychobabble or maybe Sabor y Cultura. My LA is Griffith Park – from hiking up into the hills to shagging balls at the driving range with a tall can to shooting on a goal made from a trash bin and a tree. MyLA is eating on Hillhurst. Brunch at Mustard Seed, lunch at Alcove, dinner at Green Leaves. My LA is flicks at the Vista, Los Feliz 3, or Arclight. My LA is frozen veggies, tandoori naan and 2 buck chuck from the Trader Joe’s around the corner. My LA is Sapphire & tonic at 4100, Tecate at Cha Cha or $1 tequila shots at The Gold Room if I’m really looking to tie one on. My LA is racing to Mt. High for 5pm-10pm night boarding (only $30). MyLA is a fun-filled afternoon at the track, seriously one of the most enjoyable (and surprisingly inexpensive) ways to spend a day ‚Ķespecially a work day. My LA is watching soccer on Saturdays and Sundays and probably Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (but only sometimes Mondays and Fridays). My LA is shows at Spaceland, The Echo(+plex), and The Greek. My LA is shopping at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and then cooking a fresh Sunday dinner with my LA fam. But more than anything else, my LA is the view from my balcony as the sun sets over the city I call home.

Posted by enderzero at 10:52pm on Mar. 31, 2009  


  1. Gayle Smith says:

    MyLA is a visit, walking…walking, streets filled with ideas! Art in all the corners created by incredible architecture, paint on walls, sculptures in parking lots, fabric in shops! MyLA is the Getty! A ride into the mist, mid evil towers filled with Degas and Van Gogh, GARDENS!
    MyLA is a deep breath of what might be polluted air, but defiantly is lots of inspiration… a dear son who will show me more culture and take us to the beach!

    Apr. 2, 2009 at 9:56pm  
  2. Richie says:

    Mustard Seed Cafe is bomb!

    Apr. 29, 2009 at 3:46pm