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Now that we did it… buy these great souvenirs!

move on poster
Obama Tshirt

Now that the election is over (congrats, congrats, yes), we can finally get a break from all the emails from MoveOn and the DNC and the Obama campaign asking us for money… right? no? Well at least they have some cool stuff to offer.

MoveOn is offering the above Shepard Fairey print commemorating both the election and the incredibly successful image – for a $20 donation.

Even cooler, they are giving a sticker of the same print away for free!

And the Obama campaign is giving away the Obama Biden T-shirt for $30, though I’m afraid the design seems a little crowded and uninspired. I wonder if the campaign will continue to colelct money into the beginning of the presidency. Obama 2012!!

BTW – I ordered a poster.

Posted by enderzero at 9:43pm on Nov. 11, 2008