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This Week in Obama

Obama H.S.

There is a pretty hilarious front page piece in this week’s The Onion entitled, “Black Guy Asks Nation For Change.”

According to witnesses, a loud black man approached a crowd of some 4,000 strangers in downtown Chicago Tuesday and made repeated demands for change.

It is estimated that, to date, the black man has asked every single person in the United States for change.

“I’ve already seen this guy four times today,” Chicago-area ad salesman Blake Gordon said. “Every time, it’s the same exact spiel. ‘I need change.’ ‘I want change.’ Why’s he so eager for all this change? What’s he going to do with it, anyway?”

Those who encountered the black man Tuesday said he engaged in erratic behavior, including pointing at random people in the crowd and desperately saying he needs their help, going up to complete strangers and hugging them, and angrily claiming that he is not looking for just a little bit of change, but rather a great deal of change, and that he wants it “right now.”

Is anyone offended by this? Of course it is satire – but even so is anyone out there a bit offended by the racial issues?

…I’m not. But why would I be? The real humor is that I actually do get an email prety much every day from the Obama campaign asking for money.

*      *      *

In other Obama news, Barack has announced that he will have an intimate dinner with 4 lucky donors selected at random from people who donate between now and Mar 31. Interesting idea – win a dinner with Obama. It does not seem to be evident where the dinner will take place and I can only assume winner will be responsible for getting to the location (odds on it is Pennsylvania). Anyone think he might see some backlash for this kind of move?

*      *      *

Finally – both Arianna Huffington and Bob Scheer had some really great things to say on last week’s episode of Left, Right and Center (radio) about Obama taking the higher ground and winning! This is in response to last week’s amazing “A More Perfect Union” speech addressing race (which everyone has already watched, right?). This week’s episode has a lot of the guest host annoyingly arguing with Tony, but to hear the two progressive voices very very happy with Obama and the nation’s reaction is quite heartening. Time to build some MOMENTUM!!

Posted by enderzero at 10:55am on Mar. 25, 2008