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Manchester City v. Liverpool (2/3/2012) – 3 Quick Thoughts


Billed by Fox as the GB4G (Game Before the Game), it’s going to be hard for this afternoon’s big handegg competition to match the athleticism on display in this morning’s Manchester City versus Liverpool Premier League match. Here are my three quick thoughts from the match:

Let them play – Referee Anthony Taylor issued six yellow cards in the match. Fouls by Henderson and Carragher, in particular, were in the run of a fast paced game that were arguable fouls and definitely not dangerous enough to see yellow cards. It’s the pace of the English game that makes it so enjoyable and breaking it up with questionable stoppages is a frustrating exercise.

Steven Gerrard’s goal was brilliant, but he’s looking old – Yes, Stevie G’s strike from 30 yards out was a beaut, but it was his only impressive moment of the match. Questionable passes and a lack of pace make Gerrard look like he’s playing in a different era. With the form of Jordan Henderson and Joe Allen waiting in the wings, might we soon see Gerrard starting more matches from the bench?

Glen Johnson is phenomenal – While he has long been a great example of the modern attacking defender, Glen Johnson has developed into one of the most formidable defenders, period. His sense of right-place, right-time was the very best on the pitch whether in an offensive or defensive capacity. With his incredible skills in the air and on the ground on their best display, I’m considering Johnson my man of the match.

Posted by enderzero at 12:02pm on Feb. 3, 2013  

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  1. Murray says:

    I loved it when Liverpool played on despite Dzeko’s supposed injury, which resulted in Sturridge’s equalizer. The crowd was going ballistic when they didn’t kick it out of bounds to stop play, but clearly Dzeko was milking it when he didn’t get the call, and when there wasn’t a whistle, Liverpool just kept going. I wish this action were the norm and not the exception in the EPL

    Feb. 3, 2013 at 1:50pm